Cafe de la Poste

French Bistrot-Resto - Edinburgh


  • Cerdon Méthode Ancestral Domaine Le Clos De La Bierle Gamay cepage. Manually selected and collected, a most varied aromatic pallet between red berries and roses. Pinkish nuances robe. A magic light, thirst-quenching 8° alcohol wine 
  • Champagne Gosset Excellence Brut Chardonnay 36 %, Pinot Noir 45 % Pinot Meunier 19%. A light yellow, bright, crystal clear and gold robe shaken by thousands of bubbles.Yellow fruits, fleshy and ripe, dried almond mouth. Freshness and slightly salted bitterness finale
  • Blanc de Blanc mousseux Duc de Breux



  Glass 12.5cl Bottle 75cl
Cerdon Clos de la Bierle  "Rosé" £5.4 £35.2
Duc de BREUX    Blanc de Blanc £4.7 £28.2
Champagne Gosset Excellence N/A £75.9