Cafe de la Poste

French Bistrot-Resto - Edinburgh

A word about...

Frederic is a long time Scotland lover. After creating Scottish Pubs in Paris and acquiring the well known Auld Alliance Pub offering the largest whiskies selection in Paris together with Haggis on the menu, he decided that it was time to bring a bit of France into Scotland and dreamed about a French Bistrot , where depending of your mood you can enjoy a cup of coffe with a croissant , a beer , a glass of properties wine sharing a board of cheese or charcuterie , and even a full meal . 

The Cafe de la Poste was born.

Located in the formal Newington Post Office, Le Cafe de la Poste is a traditional French Bistro . It offers simple fresh food during serving hours and snacks all day long.

Downstairs there is a private dinning room for your events or celebrations.